The Smiling Man

A maniacal machine of glad and fad

A thing of mystery

A man that smiles the brightest of us all

No matter the weather, even in the fall

The darker stories that he never tells

Ring the most often of all the bells

These chimes are the very loudest

And his least proudest

They are the things that lead him to the bars

And honestly he hides these scars

His laughter is among the most of any

Because he was told not to frown by the most of many

He is not mad

Only empty and sad

All alone he is

Sharp edges are his only friends

Deprived of self expression

He’s been in a depression

And this is why he is a maniacal machine of glad and fad

No longer a thing of mystery

At least here he’s not the smiling man

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"I want to be with you,
it is as simple,
and as complicated as that."
Charles Bukowski

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Before I die the last words I want you to hear from me are. I love you and we’ll be together very soon.

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